The Barnstormers

The Barnstormers, whose membership can be as many as 30 artists/friends, are headed by David Ellis. Along with his posse, Ellis masterminded an extravagant, multi-tiered exhibition consisting of multiple stop-motion animation films (called motion paintings), two 36-foot painted billboards, three large-scale hand-built wooden wagons being pulled by a tractor. The wagons carried over 150 speaker cabinets, stacked high and roped in place, made from cast-off refrigerators, washing machines, tires, and tables, all retrofitted for sounds that blasted out of them. The barn, plucked from its original site and rebuilt in the museum, was painted by each of the artist as they visited the museum, day or night. Once the show ended, the barn was painstakingly rebuilt on its former site and the film 360 Degrees, chronicles the entire process, from start to finish.

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