Commissioned Art Lab

We commissioned a team of nationally-recognized artists, architects, educators, musicians, and media technicians to conceive of a new art learning laboratory called art venture. The team consisted of Allan and Ellen Wexler, Gary Panter, Joshua White, and Jeremy Kolosine’s 21st Century Futurists. The 2200 sq foot space is a hands-on studio space for all audiences to come and learn about the process of making art. The art lab consists of eight units including a working Lumia, 8-bit GameBoy music-making  area, places to sit and work, watch films, create a puppet show, engage in making prints and collages; and be surrounded by a mural that celebrates the act of drawing.      Allan and Ellen Wexler are public artists and educators. Gary Panter was nominated for several Emmy’s for his set designs for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and is known as the ‘king of punk comics’. Joshua White created light shows for the Filmore East and works as a theater and television producer. Jeremy Kolosine is a musician and inventor whose latest release, I Want To Hold Your Handheld, offers 8-bit renditions of classic Beatle tunes by artists from all over the planet.

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  1. rebby sharp says:

    hey David,
    I finally got to see this a couple weeks ago…it was one of my favorite parts of the museum…the stairs there rule. the permanent collection has some real gems
    It was cool to see evidence of Gary Panter in Roanoke!
    hope you are well,

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